INF111 Information Systems Theory

Review for First Quiz

  1. What is the definition of computer literacy?

  2. What is the definition of information literacy?

  3. Why should a person want or need to be computer literate? Why should a person want or need to be information literate?

  4. What are the four basic functions of a computer?

  5. What are two common input devices?

  6. Where does processing take place?

  7. What are two common output devices?

  8. What are two common storage devices? Can a storage device act as an input or an output device?

  9. What is the difference between temporary storage and long term storage?

  10. What are the five categories of computers listed in your text?

  11. What is the difference between hardware and software?

  12. What is a computer programmer? Are most users actually acting as computer programmers?

  13. What is an operating system? Is it necessary?

  14. What is a user interface? Must there be a user interface?

  15. What is application software?

  16. Does an information system require the use of computers?

  17. What is the difference between a graphic user interface and a command line based interface?

  18. What are several features you would expect to find in a graphic user interface?

  19. In Microsoft Windows, what is a...
    • window

    • menu

    • command

    • icon

    • button

    • option button

  20. What is a word processing application used for? How is it different from a desktop publishing application?

  21. What is a spreadsheet application used for? How does a working area in this kind of application look to the user?

  22. What are some other application programs listed in chapter 2? What are they used for?

  23. What are three types of learning aids commonly found in applications? What is each for?