CS205 Introduction to UNIX

Review for First Quiz
  1. What are the 3 main parts of UNIX?
    1.  Larry, Moe and Curly (and sometimes Shemp)
    2.  kernel, service layer and shell
    3.  ls, wc and grep
    4.  command.com, file system and kernel

  2. The purpose of the shell is
    1.  to interpret commands
    2.  to protect the user from the files
    3.  to protect the snail from fish
    4.  to carry out commands

  3. The purpose of the kernel is
    1.  to interpret commands
    2.  to protect the user from the files
    3.  to break a tooth during the movie
    4.  to carry out commands

  4. UNIX file structure is usually compared to...
    1.  a branching tree
    2.  a single folder
    3.  a series of nodes
    4.  a throbbing ache in the lumbar area

  5. A computer needs all but which of the following just to run:
    1.  processor unit
    2.  main memory
    3.  secondary storage
    4.  operating system

  6. Which is not a job for the operating system:
    1.  providing a user interface
    2.  allocating hardware resources
    3.  financial calculator
    4.  loading and running applications

  7. UNIX is meant to be which of the following:
    1.  multi-user
    2.  single-user
    3.  multitasking
    4.  single-tasking

  8. UNIX is...
    1.  an invention of IBM
    2.  available only for mainframes
    3.  available in several versions
    4.  fast, friendly and uniform

  9. During a login process...
    1.  the user will be asked for a password
    2.  everything the user types is visible
    3.  the user has to enter a date
    4.  the system tells the user what to type

  10. Commands in UNIX often follow this syntax:
    1.  command /options
    2.  option -> command
    3.  command -options
    4.  command command command

  11. UNIX actually has several shells available. Your book named...
    1.  Bourne and Bourne again
    2.  Bourne and Korn
    3.  Bourne and C
    4.  Bourne, C and bash

  12. You should be able to put the following events in their correct order:
    1. kernel call the init program
    2. init calls the getty program
    3. getty waits for a user ID
    4. user enters an ID
    5. getty calls the login program
    6. login asks for a password
    7. user enters a password
    8. login verifies the ID and password
    9. login calls the shell program

  13. Which is not true about new passwords?
    1.  must contain both letters and numbers
    2.  must be at least 5 characters long
    3.  must be different from your User ID
    4.  must be different from you last password