CS331 HTML Programming

Review for Second Quiz



  1. Chapter 5 discussed logical and physical tags. What is the difference between them?

  2. For which of these tags does a web browser determine the appearance of text?
    1. <i>
    2. <b>
    3. <em>
    4. <a>

  3. If you want to maintain spacing and tabs in a section of text...
    1. Don't use HTML, it won't do it
    2. use a Courier font
    3. double space everywhere you want a single space
    4. use the <pre> tag set

  4. Some tags must be paired and others may be single tags. Which is each of these, according to XHTML rules?
    1. <a>
    2. <br>
    3. <html>
    4. <hr>
    5. <b>
    6. <img>
    7. <ol>
    8. <li>

  5. Place these tags in the order in which they should be used in a page.
    1. <body>
    2. <title>
    3. <html>
    4. <h1>

  6. Specify two reasons to use an external image instead of an inline image.

  7. The <img> tag has a number of attributes. Explain what each of these is for.
    1. src
    2. align
    3. border
    4. height
    5. width
    6. alt

  8. To set the background color of a page,...
    1. set the BACKCOLOR in the PAGE tag
    2. set the BGCOLOR in the BODY tag
    3. set the COLOR in the FONT tag
    4. call Earl Scheib... for $99.95 he'll paint any page any color!

  9. Colors that are unusual (like baby blue mixed with mauve) may be attained...
    1. by entering a series of color names
    2. in some other reality, not in a web page
    3. by specifying the percentage of each component color
    4. by use of a hexadecimal triplet

  10. Spot color is used in small bursts. It could involve the use of...
    1. the SPOT tag and a color name
    2. a set of Crayolas® and a Dalmatian puppy
    3. the FONT tag and a hex triplet
    4. a style selector and a rule

  11. A hex triplet is
    1. one of the first three characters on stage in Macbeth
    2. a rhyming curse in three lines, also called terza rima
    3. a set of three numbers in base sixteen
    4. one of three stock players who always starred with the Marx brothers

  12. Background images may be set
    1. along with background colors, if set in a style
    2. instead of background colors
    3. with the BACKGROUND tag
    4. by chanting:
      "Double, double, toil and trouble,
      fire burn and cauldron bubble...

  13. The two most common image formats on the web are
    1. Kodak and Fuji
    2. jpg and gif
    3. Jif and Peter Pan
    4. Peanut Butter and Jelly

  14. The most used color model on the web is RGB. It stands for
    1. Raster, Gain and Brightness
    2. a secret successor to the KGB
    3. the red, green, and blue electron guns in your monitor
    4. Did you read choice b? You may have to go away someplace now...

  15. A color map is useful for
    1. determining the best route to the paint store
    2. setting marching directions for half-time
    3. determining the number of colors used in an image
    4. determining which states still have autumn leaves

  16. A transparent image
    1. is an image that is invisible
    2. is a stupid idea... there is no such thing
    3. is worn by Mr. Scott on Emperor's New Clothes Day
    4. is one that shows no background of its own on a page

  17. An external file
    1. is one that is not in your presentation
    2. is one that is not loaded automatically
    3. is not really part of any web presentation
    4. is one that has been required to get a job, for experience

  18. Your book calls a tag that is not meant to have a closing partner an "empty tag". What is the XHTML method for achieving closure with these tags?
    1. give them a closing partner
    2. closure is not necessary for them
    3. use a space and a forward slash before the closing right angle bracket
    4. use a space and a backslash before the closing right angle bracket.

  19. What are the three types of styles?
    1. normal, enhanced, and deprecated
    2. inline, embedded, and external
    3. font, body, and heading
    4. html, xhtml, and xml

  20. Which type of style should you use if you...
    1. want the style to apply to several pages
    2. want the style to apply to only one page
    3. want the style to apply to only one sentence
    4. want to modify a style for only one paragraph

  21. Write style commands that would...
    1. display all headings in Arial font, if available
    2. display hypertext links in gold, on a black background
    3. repeat a background image on a page, but only down the left side
    4. create a class that has a yellow background
    5. use the class from d (above) to show a sentence as if it were highlighted

  22. What is the DOCTYPE identifier?
    1. a remark that tells how you format your document
    2. a tag that is used to manage documents
    3. a degree marker, so medical pages are not seen by PhDs
    4. states the browser requires either 110v or 220v; check before plugging in

  23. How do you put a character that is not on your keyboard in a web page (like the registered trademark symbol in question 10)?
    1. keep pressing keys and hope for luck
    2. get some whiteout and a black pen...
    3. use a character entity
    4. use a <pre></pre> tag set

  24. What are the following tags for?
    1. <div>
    2. <span>
    3. <img>
    4. <a>

  25. What tags might have the following attributes?
    1. vlink
    2. src
    3. clear
    4. border