CS331 HTML Programming

Review for Third Quiz: Chapters 11, 12, and 19


  1. Tables are ways to organize a page. Tell me what each table tag stands for and is used for
    1.  TD
    2.  TH
    3.  TR
    4.  TABLE

  2. A table may not be
    1.  only one row
    2.  only one column
    3.  stair-step shaped
    4.  changed in length by adding text to a cell

  3. Which attribute can you use in a table cell to set background color?
    1.  COLOR
    2.  BGCOLOR
    4.  THEWORLDISACAROUSELOFCOLOR (but only on Disney pages)

  4. Ms. Lemay suggests alternatives to using a table. Name three.

  5. A linked window is
    1.  a window that opens inside your browser
    2.  a second window with a browser in it
    3.  a window with a linked list in it
    4.  the kind of window found in jail cells

  6. In order to open a linked window
    1.  you specify the window name with a TARGET tag
    2.  you use TARGET attribute in an ANCHOR tag
    3.  you use a WINDOW attribute in a TARGET tag
    4.  you go to Target, buy a hacksaw, and take it to your friend in jail

  7. What is a danger of opening a linked window?
    1.  you could close the original window
    2.  you could open a second window
    3.  you could run out of window resources
    4.  the guards in the watchtowers don't like it

  8. Frames are a way of
    1.  opening more linked windows
    2.  putting borders on pages
    3.  displaying more documents on one window
    4.  displaying more windows without resources

  9. What is the purpose of each of these for a framed site?
    1.  FRAMESET
    2.  FRAME
    3.  NOFRAME
    4.  COLS
    5.  ROWS

  10. To determine how to set up nested frames, you should
    1.  always start with a set of columns
    2.  usually start with a set of rows
    3.  determine if you have a column or row that runs full screen
    4.  determine whether you have more rows or columns

  11. Frames are like linked windows since
    1.  they hold pages and can have names
    2.  they can open and close like windows
    3.  they can be made into a rectangle shape
    4.  they can hold someone in jail for a long time

  12. Which of the following statements are true about JavaScript?
    1. It is a compiled language
    2. If properly coded, it requires only a browser that understands it
    3. It requires permissons on a server to run it
    4. It requires a Virtual Machine module on the client computer

  13. What attribute and value are required for the <script> tag when creating a JavaScript?

  14. If you wish to add remarks to the middle of a JavaScript, what notation must be used?

  15. Object oriented programming applies to JavaScript. Name the objects that already exist in your environment corresponding to:

    1. The window the browser is running in
    2. The HTML page being read

  16. Name a method that comes as part of each of the objects in the question above.

  17. Name a web site where you might find examples of JavaScripts.