CS332 Advanced Internet Services

Review for Second Quiz


  1. What is the difference between a class and a pseudo-class? Hint: can you create a class?

  2. How do you use a class to create a page-break when printing?

  3. Do all browsers support all pseudo-classes?

  4. What is a daemon? What daemons have we used in a browser? What daemons might we expect to be on a web server?

  5. What is an ISP? Does your ISP provide you with web space? If so, how much?

  6. As a research question, browse to my ISP. How much web space can I expect to be able to use on that ISP for free?

  7. What are five things you should know before accepting a contract to create a web site for someone else, assuming they have obtained space already?

  8. If you send files across the Internet to a web server, what mode should you send the files in, assuming you are using File Transfer Protocol?

  9. How many files must a web server send to your browser when the user looks at the first page on your project site? How many does my web server send for my first page?

  10. Why should you name files in lower case letters?

  11. When should you register your site with search engines? Under what circumstances would you avoid doing so?

  12. Assume you have just learned a brand-new trick to use in a style sheet. Why should you look up a reference on what browsers support it? What should be your decision process in deciding whether to use the trick?

  13. I gave you advice about reading a book called The Elements of Style. If you do not own a copy, find an electronic version on-line. (Your search should not take long.) Look it over. Is there anything that strikes you as good advice in it?

  14. What is white-space? Why do we use white-space on web pages? Am I using it here?

  15. What are some common techniques to organize a web page, or web site?

  16. Assume that I will ask you to write some style rules for a story problem. Can you find a web reference to style rules that will help you do this? Can you be certain that the rule you write will work in class?

  17. What does Laura Lemay advise about using emphasis on a web page?

  18. Checking your spelling and checking your grammar are advised before publishing any page. What sort of errors will spell checkers not find?

  19. Assume you are writing web pages for an online catalog. Your client/employer has given you a series of high quality color images of the products, averaging about 1600 by 1500 pixels. What should your concerns be?

  20. Assume you are creating web notes for an instructor. (Wouldn't that be nice...) You type up notes for a chapter which cross-references several other chapters. Every paragraph contains several phrases that can be linked to other web pages on the site. What might you suggest to the instructor before creating all those links?

  21. Regarding colors on a web page, what do you know about combinations that are good and bad? For instance, does the combination of FF0000 for the foreground and 0000FF for the background work well or not well? Do they go together nicely if they are the same?