CAP 151 - Introduction to Computer Animation

Final Assignment: Logo, Documentation, and Presentation

The Logo project for this class is to be completed according to this list of requirements:

  1. The logo must feature some kind of animation.

  2. The animated logo must be rendered to a QuickTime file.

  3. The QuickTime file and a short documentation page (typed) describing the animations used in the logo project must be emailed to the instructor. The documentation must describe what you did to create the animated logo, what animations are used, and what product the logo represents.

  4. The QuickTime file and the documentation must be emailed and received before the start of class, week 10. Sending it from the classroom in week 9 is desired, so the student can confirm that it has been received.

  5. The student must present their logo to the class in week 10, describing what they did.