CAP 151 - Introduction to Computer Animation

Review for Second Test

The following questions are provided to help you study for the first test. Do not expect to see these exact questions on the test.

  1. How do you tell by looking at a layer where it has an internal in or out point? How do you tell where a layer's external in and out points are?

  2. What does it mean when part of a layer is ghosted?

  3. How do you trim the internal in and out points of a layer?

  4. Assume you have a layer that is shorter than the timeline. How can you increase the duration of a layer with your mouse?

  5. What tool can you use to move a layer in time without changing the timing of its keyframes?

  6. Assume you have given the command to select all layers, then selected Animation, Keyframe Assistant, Sequence Layers. What will have happened to the layers with regard to the timeline?

  7. If you carried out the command above, what feature should be used before attempting to set up a dissolve from one layer to another?

  8. What does the hotkey Y do?

  9. How do you open a layer panel?

  10. What should be true about a piece of footage that would make it a good choice for a loop?

  11. There is no Preferences menu in after effects. What menu does Preferences appear on?

  12. What effect does a mask have on a layer?

  13. How is a matte different from a mask? How is it similar?

  14. What makes a stencil more powerful than a mask or a matte?

  15. What is the effect of inverting a mask?

  16. What do you call the layer immediately below a matte layer?

  17. What changes if you drag a mask's vertex? What changes if you drag a mask's handle?

  18. What is another word for Luminance?

  19. What standard Windows font is an equivalent for Helvetica?

  20. When animating text in After Effects, what does a Range Selector actually do?

  21. What do the start and end values of a Range Selector refer to?

  22. If you add a Fill color to an After Effects text layer, what is the default color that will be used?

  23. What other two properties of a Range Selector does the Offset property affect?

  24. What constraint does the chain link button impose when it is active?

  25. What property of Randomize Order can you change to get a more random effect out of it?

  26. What tool do you use to draw a line across the comp panel so text can follow it?

  27. In the Flowing Text exercise in Lesson 5, when you set the Path Options for the text, what is the line that you drew called?

  28. What are three kinds of justification?

  29. What is kerning?

  30. What is leading?

  31. What is a baseline shift for a character?