CAP 151 - Introduction to Computer Animation

Review for First Test

The following questions are provided to help you study for the first test. Do not expect to see these exact questions on the test.

  1. Define these terms as used in After Effects.
    1. project
    2. comp
    3. footage
    4. layer

  2. What does the Workspace dropdown list allow you to do? How do you undo it if you don't like it?

  3. What do you do on a timeline to create the first keyframe for a property?

  4. What is the keyboard shortcut for saving the current project?

  5. What is the keyboard shortcut for saving the current project with an incremental number in its name?

  6. Chapter 1 discussed the fact that image files often have 4 channels. Name them and state what each is for.

  7. Assume that you have not shown any transform properties for the layer that is currently selected.
    What is the keyboard shortcut to display the Position property?

    Assume you have displayed the Position property. What is the keyboard shortcut to also display the Scale property?

  8. What keys stand for five transform properties listed on page 19?

  9. What keys quickly move to the beginning and end of the timeline?

  10. In the second part of chapter 1, you set a keyframe for several layers at once. How?

  11. What feature is used to keep an image pointed along its path of motion?

  12. What kind of layer does the text use to add a bar of color across the first production?

  13. What is rendering?

  14. What does the text recommend that you do before rendering a project?

  15. What does chapter 2 mean by an interpolation value?

  16. What is the purpose of the Adobe Bridge program?

  17. In chapter 2, what is the command you are given to select all layers of the current project?

  18. What is the command you are given to show all properties that have animation?

  19. You are told to perform a RAM preview many times in this text. What is the keyboard command to do this?

  20. We learn in lesson 2 that we can use Drop Frame or Non-Drop Frame numbering.
    How many frames are used in a second for NTSC in Non-Drop Frame?

    How do we tell the difference between the notation for Drop Frame and Non-Drop Frame?

  21. In the chapter 2 butterfly tutorial, what workspace shows the Motion Sketch panel?

  22. What do you do after clicking the Start Capture button to actually begin the motion path?

  23. What actually ends the motion capture sequence?

  24. What is the purpose of the Smoother?