CAP 161 - Introduction to Computer Animation

Review for Final Exam

The following questions are provided to help you study for the final. Do not expect to see these exact questions on the test.

  1. Explain why a vector image is preferable to a raster image if you do not know the size that will be required when the image is finally used.

  2. What are the default views shown in viewports when 3DS Max opens?

  3. What are the three basic transformations in 3DS Max?

  4. Draw a cube on your test paper. Assume it represents an Editable Poly object in 3DS Max. Label two polygons, two vertices, and two segments.

  5. What is a spline, and how might you use one in a 3DS Max scene?

  6. Which of the control panels is typically used to make new objects in 3DS Max?

  7. Which of the control panels is typically used to make changes to objects in 3DS Max?

  8. When you click the Select and Move tool, then click an object in a scene, a gizmo appears that enables you to move the object. Describe this gizmo's three key features including their colors.

  9. Describe the method used in class to copy an object in 3DS Max.

  10. Name three of the shader types that can be assigned to materials in 3DS Max, and tell me what each is good for.

  11. How do you apply a material to an object in 3DS Max?

  12. In the second alien tutorial in the Maestri text, what does the text have you do to apply multiple textures to one object?

  13. What is the point of having concept art when making a 3D model?

  14. What is the keyboard shortcut to open the Material Editor in 3DS Max?

  15. Name three forms that can be made from the standard primitive panel in 3DS Max.

  16. When creating a texture for a game engine, what constraint usually applies to the dimensions of the texture? Give an example of height and width dimensions that would meet this constraint.

  17. State what kind of light each of these colors of an object is associated with: ambient color, diffuse color, specular color.

  18. Name a modifier that could be added to a 3DS Max object to soften hard edges.

  19. Describe an advantage to having four simultaneous viewports in 3DS Max, as opposed to having only one in some other modeling programs.

  20. How do you pan in 3DS Max? How do you zoom?

  21. Can a material applied to a box object in 3DS Max apply to one side? Can it apply to all sides?

  22. What object in the 3DS Max standard primitives list is not really primitive, and was first designed at the University of Utah?

  23. What modifiers were added to the flag object to make it move freely in the wind?

  24. What properties are used to modify the number of times a tiled map is applied to an object?

  25. What are the possible subobjects of a spline in 3DS Max?

  26. What kind of object can be added to a scene to simulate wind?

  27. How do you add an object from another file to a 3DS Max scene?