CAP 201a - Computer Animation I

Review for First Test

The following questions are provided to help you study for the first test. Do not expect to see these exact questions on the test.

  1. When 3DS Max starts up, what are the default views shown in the four viewports?

  2. Assume the Front viewport is currently active. What should you do to work in the already existing Left viewport instead?

  3. To make a new object in 3DS Max, which of the six main control panel tabs should be selected?

  4. How should you select a different viewport if you do not want to change the current object or subobject selection?

  5. What is a simple way to zoom in or out of a 3DS Max scene?

  6. How do you use a mouse to pan in a 3DS Max scene?

  7. How do you use the mouse to orbit selected objects in a scene?

  8. What is the keyboard button to switch between wireframe and smooth views of your scene?

  9. What is a caddy, and how do you make one appear in 3DS Max?

  10. Where does the Graphite ribbon appear in the 3DS Max interface?

  11. Name three examples of subobject types found in an Editable Poly object.

  12. How do you "area select" several objects in a scene?

  13. What happens when you drag an object while holding a shift key down?

  14. What are two locations in which you can click icons that will change from one subobject mode to another?

  15. Draw the icons for the Select button and the Select and Move button on the toolbar.

  16. What key can you hold down to be able to zoom in smaller increments?

  17. Describe the effect of a Boolean or Proboolean subtraction operation.

  18. What does the Plus button do in the Save As dialog box? What effect does it have on a file that has no number in its name?

  19. What are the three kinds of clones that you can make from a Clone Options dialog box? Describe the differences between them.

  20. In the project that had you create a knob for a chest, what did you create first? What modifier turned the first object into the knob?

  21. Of what use is a Bezier handle when working with a spline?

  22. If you need to move an object a specific number of units on any axis, what method might you use to do this instead of dragging it?

  23. What does the Zoom Extents All command do in a viewport?

  24. What is the command to make a selected object transparent?

  25. Name two ways to convert an object to an Editable Poly object.

  26. What is the typical color of a selected subobject?

  27. What does the Swift Loop tool do?

  28. What does the Ignore Backfacing feature do?

  29. What is the Isolate Selection feature used for?

  30. Which button in a caddy stands for OK? Which button stands for Accept and Continue?