CAP 201a - Computer Animation I

Review for Second Test

The following questions are provided to help you study for the second test. Do not expect to see these exact questions on the test.

  1. What are the three methods of opening the Material Editor?

  2. The toolbar no longer has a Quick Render button. What must you do to render one frame to the screen if you have already rendered a movie of the current scene?

  3. What is a specular highlight?

    What property of a specular highlight controls its brightness?

    What property of a specular highlight controls its size?

  4. What do gray triangles in the corners of a material sample slot mean?

    What does it mean if the triangles are white?

  5. Assume you have assigned a bitmap to the diffuse color map property of a sample. How can you assign it to the currently selected object in your scene?

    Assume you have assigned the material to the object in the scene, but you still cannot see it in the viewport. What should you click to make it visible?

  6. Assume you have assigned the wrong bitmap to a map channel. What can you do to remove the map from that channel, without replacing it with another one?

  7. Troubleshooting: assume you are trying to use a map in a scene that someone else has worked on. You open the material editor, and see the map you want to use in two sample slots. The first one shows the map material on a sphere in the sample slot. The second one shows the map material on a rectangle, filling the sample slot. Only one of these will work. Which one and why?

  8. What is the difference between a raster map and a procedural map?

  9. If you are creating an Opacity map that is meant to allow you to see through parts of a Diffuse map, which part of the Opacity map is meant to be see-through, the black or the white?

  10. How can you convert a box object into an editable poly?

  11. What does applying NURMS do to an object?

  12. What hot key opens the Select from Scene dialog box?

  13. How did the text have you place reference images in a scene to construct the Red Rocket model? (Check the exercise: some of you did not follow directions in class.)

  14. Where is the button to lock the current selection?

  15. What was the cut tool used for in regard to polygons in the hand model?

  16. Typically, where is the pivot point of a newly created primitive? Must it remain there?

  17. What is the result of a Boolean subtraction operation?

  18. How do you adjust a texture map to make it look bumpy?

  19. What is the effect of decreasing the Glossiness of a material?

  20. How do you create a selection set of polygons?

  21. What is an MSO material? How can you create one?

  22. What is UVW mapping?

  23. Why is planar mapping suited to mapping a flag, but box mapping is not? Which would have been better for the Red Rocket side view reference plane?