CAP 201a - Computer Animation I

Review for First Test

The following questions are provided to help you study for the first test. Do not expect to see these exact questions on the test.

  1. When 3DS Max starts up, what are the default views shown in the four viewports?

  2. Assume the Front viewport is currently active. What should you do to select the Left viewport?

  3. To make a new object in 3DS Max, which of the six main control panel tabs should be selected?

  4. To change the properties of an object in 3DS Max, which of the six main control panel tabs should be selected?

  5. Assume you want to change a property for an object. Its current value is 20, and you want the value to be 55. What are three ways to change this value on a spinner control?

  6. 3DS Max does not put text labels on toolbar buttons. How can you tell what a button is for, without looking it up in the text or the help system?

  7. What is the keyboard button to switch between wireframe and smooth views of your scene?

  8. For each of the following views, where is a new object actually created when you make it in that view?
    1. Front
    2. Top
    3. Left

  9. What do you click in a viewport to change that port to a different view?

  10. Lesson 2 has you create two rectangles that become the inner and outer edges of the frame of a sign. How did you make these two rectangles part of one object?

  11. When you merge two files, one of the original files changes. Which one?

  12. How do you select an object in a scene?

  13. How do you region select several objects in a scene? How is the status line on your screen useful when making a region selection?

  14. What happens when you drag an object while holding a shift key down?

  15. What is the purpose of the Reset command on the File menu?

  16. The Material Editor lets you easily work with several materials at once. Name two ways Lesson 2 shows you to apply a material to an object.

  17. Draw the icons for the Select button and the Select and Move button on the toolbar.

  18. What does the icon on the Quick Render button look like? Where is this button located?

  19. Assume you have just used the Undo button. What must you do, in the classroom, in order to use the Quick Render button next?

  20. What is the purpose of the Auto Key mode?

  21. What are some of the options you get with the Render Scene button that you do not get with the Quick Render button?