CAP 201a - Computer Animation I

Review for Third Test

The following questions are provided to help you study for the test. Do not expect to see these exact questions on the test.

  1. What can you do after adding the Edit Poly modifier that you cannot do once you change the object to an Editable Poly?

  2. In the engine exercise, what effect does the Grow button on the Selection rollout have if you have selected a polygon?

  3. What does the Extrude command do?

  4. What is the effect of dragging a selected polygon in the engine exercise?

  5. The text does not explain a chamfer. What is a better description of the effect?

  6. How do you attach one object to another?

  7. What does the Cap command do?

  8. What warning does the text give us about Iterations in the TurboSmooth modifier?

  9. What do you do to set the options for the Snaps Toggle button?

  10. What does it mean, to close a spline?

  11. At the end of can building exercise, the can is incomplete. What tool does the text say you will use to complete the object?

  12. When making a jug or a can, what is the problem that you are solving with the weld core option?

  13. What action reduced the number of faces in the can exercise the most?

  14. What is a negative space?

  15. What is the effect of applying a Union operator to two objects that touch in a scene?

  16. How do you recognize the first vertex of shapes in the Compare tool window?

  17. Think about the exercises making mulitple rocks and multiple cacti. What could you do with the rocks that you could not do with the cacti?

  18. What setting is used to allow variety in the height of the duplicated cacti?

  19. Why is the initial size of any object you make relatively unimportant?

  20. How can you recognize which tool on a flyout you want to choose, if you don't know which icon is which?

  21. How do you select all objects with similar names without having to click each one?

  22. What part of a torus does Radius 1 describe? What part does Radius 2 describe?

  23. What happens each time you press ALT-W?

  24. What does the button look like that you click to change a tangent type to Fast?

  25. How can you use the coordinate values to set the altitude of the object instead of moving it manually?

  26. Why is squashing an object anticipation in one frame, while squashing it in another frame is follow-through?

  27. What is the effect of adding two paths to the Path Constraint applied to the race car?

  28. Even though you applied the Path Constraint to the race car, it did not keep its nose pointed in the direction of motion. What are the two settings you needed to use to accomplish this for the car?

  29. What varies from frame to frame in the race car scene to move the car closer to the inside or outside border of the track?