CAP 203 - Computer Animation III

Project Assignment: Use the Magic

When a magician watches another magician perform, one of the things he does is to imagine how he might accomplish the effect he is seeing performed.

  • What does the audience see?
  • What is really happening?
  • How can I produce that effect myself, regardless of how it is being done by the other magician?
  • How can I use that effect in an act of my own?

An animator must be able to work like a magician. You must be able to observe the work of others, to imagine how you might produce the same effect, and to plan a use for the effect in a new way that is your own creation. It is no good just to copy what has been done. You must create your own work, your own art, having been inspired by the work of others.

In conjunction with the Portfolio class that you are taking concurrently, you are assigned to create an original animation for this class that you will feature in your demo reel.

To anchor the assignment in this class, you are to consider the lessons in the text, think of something to do that would use several of the lessons, make a plan, and make an animation.

  1. You should browse through the lessons in these notes, and in the text, to get a general idea of their content.

  2. You must turn in a typed plan for an animation to use several effects from the class, and whatever other effects you choose. This plan may be revised as the term continues, but a first version of it is due by the end of week 5.

  3. You must complete the majority of the modeling and and animation work for your project by the end of week 8. You must show me your project in 3DS Max to get credit for this part of the assignment.

  4. Create a distributable rendering of your project, and a storyboard for it, both of which must be given to me by the end of week 9.

  5. You must present your project to the class in week 10, describing what you did. The classroom projector will be used to view the completed project animations. Your presentation should mirror what you intend a viewer to see on your demo reel.