CAP 203 - Computer Animation III
Mid-Term Test

Part 1:

Pick one of the following questions and write up to one page as your answer. It must be typed, spell checked, and suitable for examination by Dean Fulcher. (No, he’s not going to see it. I want you to make it nice, so I’m giving you a context.)

  • Think of a simple experience you had, the simpler, the better. Dissect your feelings about it, using as many words as you can.
  • Tell a story about a game you played that did a good job of capturing an essential experience. Describe the experience and what the game designer did to give the experience to you.
  • Think of a real world experience that you might want to capture in a game. Describe the essence of that experience.

Only write in response to one of the choices above, then continue with Part 2 below.


Part 2:

  1. Pick two lenses from the first fifty in The Art of Game Design. State which lenses you are choosing.
  2. Examine/analyze a game, a book, or a movie (of your choice) that the lenses relate to. You may pick a separate subject for each lens if you like. State what you will be analyzing.
  3. Write a one page paper presenting your two analyses. Propose at least one change that might improve the subject based on each lens. (That’s a total of two changes.)