CAP 203 - Computer Animation III
Final Test

Part 1:

  1. Pick two lenses from the second fifty in The Art of Game Design. State which lenses you are choosing.
  2. Examine/analyze a game, a book, or a movie (of your choice) that the lenses relate to. Tell me what it is. (You may pick a separate subject for each lens if you like.)
  3. Write a one page paper presenting your two analyses. Propose at least one change that might improve the subject based on each lens.
  4. That’s two lenses, one or two subjects, two analyses, and two changes. Make sure to get them all on your paper.

Part 2:

  1. Don't stop learning.
  2. Briefly state what you will do to continue developing your animation skills in the coming months. Be specific. People who make generic plans often ignore them.