CAP 211 - Interactive Design and Game Development

Review for Third Test

The following questions are provided to help you study for the second test. Do not expect to see these exact questions on the test.

  1. According to Rollings and Adams, what is the difference between a player and an athlete in a sports game?

  2. What is the difference between game and a match in Rollings and Adams terms?

  3. Discuss choosing to include only some of the rules of a sport in a sports game.

  4. Explain three of the modes discussed by Rollings and Adams in their section on victory and loss conditions for sports games.

  5. How might the interaction model for a sports game change as the game progresses, if the game is about a team sport?

  6. In their discussion about physics, Rollings and Adams suggest you should use less than actual realism in a sports games. What are their two arguments for doing so?

  7. Artificial Intelligence can be a problem in games. Your opponents, for example should be adjustable. Why? What about your team mates?

  8. What are some of the licensing concerns that come up for sports games that may not come up for games you design yourself in other genres?

  9. What are the four prefixes used for Unreal level files in the text, and what is the meaning of each?

  10. What is the Kismet editor for in the Unreal Editor?

  11. In chapter 5, tutorial 1, the Unreal book has you create a box using the Keyboard Entry method in 3DS Max. Why is this a good method in cases like this?

  12. What needs to be done to a box in 3DS Max before you can work on it in a subobject mode?

  13. Assume you are in 3DS Max in the Front viewport, in standard alignment. How can you select polygons on both the front and back of a model by working only on the front view?

  14. What is the purpose of the Bridge button in 3DS Max?

  15. What is the purpose of the Unwrap UVW modifier in 3DS Max?

  16. How do you open the UVW Editor in 3DS Max?

  17. The Unreal text had you move and stack faces in the UVW Editor in 3DS Max. What should be true of any faces you intend to stack? What will be the effect of stacking those faces?

  18. Why do you need to make sure your UVW template is square, with particular dimensions?

  19. What is the effect of collapsing a stack in 3DS Max? Why do you collapse the stack before exporting the model?

  20. How must you save a mesh file in 3DS Max in order to import it into Unreal Editor? What options need to be turned on that are not turned on by default?

  21. Once you import a mesh from 3DS Max into the Unreal Editor, how should it be saved for future use?

  22. In general, how can you compare the shape of a model to the shape of the most likely collision mesh for the model?

  23. Assume you have changed a 6-DOP collision mesh to a 10-DOP collision mesh in the mesh editor in Unreal Editor. What does the text warn that the mesh editor will typically do at this point?

  24. What must be true of the shape of a collision mesh?

  25. What must be done to make a workable collision mesh for an object like the archway in our project?

  26. What does the text say about the economy of using instances of meshes in a level in Unreal?

  27. How do you duplicate a mesh in a scene in Unreal Editor?

  28. What key toggles static mesh visibility in Unreal Editor? (And who presumed that you would never hit that key by accident?)

  29. What are two ways to rebuild the lighting in an Unreal level?

  30. When working with an actor object in UE, what button do you press to see its properties?

  31. In tutorial 7.3, you open the Actor Classes Browser. Why did the text have you do this?

  32. Why do you press F5 to see the properties of a selected wall or floor surface in UE?

  33. How do lightmaps and shadowmaps enhance game performance?

  34. What is the switch to turn off for a UE light if you want it to shine on meshes but not on walls and ceilings?

  35. What property do you turn on to allow a light to be movable?

  36. What is a PointLight?

  37. What is a DirectionalLight good for?

  38. Which kind of UE light is best suited for ambient light?

  39. What kind of actors does the text suggest would use a PickupLight?