CAP 211 - Interactive Design and Game Development

Game Design book
Busby, et al
Thompson, Berbank-Green,

Gamemaker, Quick Lesson
Mastering Unreal Technology: Chapter 1
Game Design: Section 1

Game Design: Elements from Sections 1 and 2

Game Design: Action and Strategy Games

Review for first test

Game Design: Design Documents

Mastering Unreal Technology: Chapters 2 and 3
Review for second test

Game Design: Sports Games

Mastering Unreal Technology: Chapter 5

Mastering Unreal Technology, Chapter 7
Review for third test

Other useful web sites:
3D Buzz web site - articles, tutorials - articles, tutorials - articles, tutorials
Wikipedia list of movies made with 3DS Max

High End 3D Careers web site
High End 3D Software forums


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