CAP 271 - Computer Animation Portfolio Project

Review for Final Exam

The following questions are provided to help you study for the final. Do not expect to see these exact questions on the test.

  1. Why would an interviewer want to see shots of your projects from start to finish?

  2. What information should you put on the screen for the art, renders, and models you put in your portfolio?

  3. Why should each item in the portfolio have some identifying tag or name?

  4. Is spelling important in the pages of your portfolio?

  5. If you model copyrighted characters, is it enough to mention who the copyright owner is when you post the material in your portfolio?

  6. What is derivative art? How is derivative style different from creating derivative art?

  7. How can you attempt to make sure you are on the right side of "fair use"?

  8. What is a trademark, and how is it different from a copyright?

  9. What did the text recommend about making filenames more usable?

  10. Why do you need backup copies of files?

  11. What is intellectual property? How is it normally protected?

  12. State two rules of thumb that would cause you to leave something out of your portfolio.

  13. How will you tell people to get to any of your work on the Internet?

  14. What are the four lenses you use to determine fair use of copyrighted material?

  15. What are two possible outcomes if you infringe on a copyright and someone notices?

  16. Which approach does our text prefer in a portfolio: pages that are mostly content filled or pages that are mostly whitespace? Why?

  17. The text discusses several web sites. What can we learn about navigation from the bad ones?

  18. Discuss two things you saw on the Ferris student web sites that you can use to make a web site of your own work better by copying it or avoiding it.