CAP 271 - Computer Animation Portfolio Project

Adobe Encore - Overview


Introduce Encore. Objectives important to this lesson:

  1. Encore
  2. Tutorials
  3. Assignment

Instead of a text for the lessons on Encore, we will use the videos provided by Adobe at their Adobe TV web site.

We will take the approach of looking for ideas in the videos, then confirming whether the procedures are valid for the project you are assigned this term. More lessons are available at the Adobe Video Workshop, a series of lessons about many of the CS3 versions of their products. This site will be more valuable for those of you who have purchased that version of Creative Suite. Regardless of what version of the product you are using, you can use source material from these sites to get ideas for your portfolio DVD, as well as instructions for using Adobe's ideas.

Assignment: Workflow and Storyboard

  1. Play the first two Encore CS4 tutorials on the Adobe TV web site.
  2. Compare the tutorials to the software installed in the classroom
  3. Start planning the presentation of your work in your portfolio. Make a storyboard for it, referring to material you are planning to put in the portfolio. Turn in a copy of the storyboard next week.