CAP 271 - Computer Animation Portfolio Project

Portfolio Planning


Continue planning and constructing your portfolio project. Objectives important to this lesson:

  1. Examine other portfolios
  2. Share observations
  3. Apply observations to your project

Several students will be having a problem sorting the forest from the trees in their projects at this time. It will be helpful to get some insights from other students' portfolios, and to apply those insights to your own portfolios.

Ferris State University has an impressive animation program called Digital Animation and Game Design. They provide a menu of links to the web pages of several their students. We will examine several of these web sites in class to get some ideas about portfolios that have been done well and portfolios that may have gone down the wrong path.

Assignment: Review web sites

  1. Assume the role of a prospective interviewer. Choose two of the web sites available from the list of Ferris student sites. (Clear your choices with me, so that we cover as many sites as possible, without much repetition.) Review those sites for no more than 20 minutes each.
  2. During the course of your review of each site, make notes of what works, what does not work, what is clear and well done, and what is mysterious about the web site from the perspective of your assumed role.
  3. Share your observations with the rest of the class in a short presentation.
  4. Make notes about the presentations that other students give in class.

Assignment: Revise your plan

  1. Consult your notes from the assignment above.
  2. Make a revised plan for your portfolio, incorporating the ideas you now have about techniques that work.
  3. Turn in a revised plan for your portfolio.
  4. Begin incorporating the changes in a draft of the project this week. Make a Flash version of the portfolio as it stands at this point. Review it with me and the students you consult with in class.