CIS 2210 - Database Management and Design

Assignment 9 and Project Presentation Equivalent


To test his or her ability to design and create a database using SQL, each student will complete an individual project following these instructions. The project will involve a database that includes at least four tables. The content of the tables is to be chosen by the student, subject to instructor approval. It would be best to choose data relevant to the student’s interests.

  1. A typed description of the proposed project must be submitted before class starts in week 14. This will include descriptions of:
    • Four related entities.
    • Typical attributes of each entity.
    • Relationship between entities.
    • There must be sufficient data for the tables to create at least 40 records, total.
  2. Work from your proposal to design all of the tables for the project. Submit an ERD for them, showing cardinality. This also must be submitted before the start of week 14.
  3. Creation and loading of database. Turn in full listings of all data in all tables to verify this has been done. As noted above, there must be a total of at least 40 records.
  4. Completed Database: Database including tables and queries, in a zip file.
    • There must be at least one query from each table.
    • There must also be at least two queries that use data in multiple tables.
    • Turn in a script file that could be used to run the queries.

  5. Parts 1 and 2 are due before class in week 14. This will be worth 30 points.
  6. Parts 3 and 4 are due before class in week 15. This will be worth 50 points.