CIS 331: Database Management Using SQL

Where is the SSH software to use at home?

1. Open a browser, and go to
2. Under the tab Faculty/Staff, select Departments.
3. In the menu that appears on the left, click Technical Helpdesk
4. On the next screen, in the menu that appears on the left, click Student Resources.
5. On the next screen, enter your user IDand password. (These are the same ones you use to log in to SOLAR.)
6. Click the Log In button.  
7. Click Crux Resources.
8. Click the link for Using SSH and SSH/SFTP download.
9. Print the information page for using the SSH client. This will come in handy once you have installed the software.  

10 On that page, click the link to enter the Software Download Area.

11. Click the Accept button to ACTUALLY enter the Software Download Area.
12. Scroll down the page to the Windows OS section. Find the ssh.exe link on the right side of the page. DON'T click it.
13. Right-click the link, and select Save Target As… This will allow you to pick a place to save a copy of the file. Save the file.

14. Close your browser.

15. Find the file you saved, and run it (double-click it) to install the SSH client.