CSS 111 - Introduction to Information System Security


Lesson 1: Chapter 1, An Introduction to Information Security; Chapter 2, The Need for Security
Lesson 2: Chapter 3, Legal, Ethical, and Professional Issues; Chapter 4, Risk Management
Lesson 3: Chapter 5, Planning for Security
Review for first test
Lesson 4: Chapter 6, Security Technology: Firewalls and VPNs; Chapter 7, Security Technology: Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems, and other Security Tools
Lesson 5: Chapter 8, Cryptography
Lesson 6: Chapter 9, Physical Security
Review for second test
Lesson 7: Chapter 10, Implementing Information Security
Lesson 8: Chapter 11, Security and Personnel
Lesson 9: Chapter 12, Information Security Maintenance
Review for third test

Other useful web sites:
CompTIA Security+ page
Dept of Homeland Security, Cybersecurity page
US-CERT Cyber Security Tips
Krebs on Security
One Look - a great site for looking up any word
What Is...? - great for looking up technical terms
MalwareBytes - a fine product for scanning for obstinate viruses

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