ITS 2310 - Linux I

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Lesson 1: Chapter 1, The Essence of UNIX and Linux
Lesson 2: Chapter 2, Exploring the UNIX/Linux File Systems and File Security
Lesson 3: Chapter 3, Mastering Editors
Lesson 4: Chapter 4, UNIX/Linux File Processing
Lesson 5: Chapter 5, Advanced File Processing
Lesson 6: Chapter 6, Introduction to Shell Script Programming
Lesson 7: Chapter 7, Advanced Shell Programming
Lesson 8: Chapter 7, Advanced Shell Programming, Part 2
Lesson 9: Chapter 8, Exploring the UNIX/Linux Utilities
Review for the first 8 weeks
Lesson 10: Chapter 9: Perl and CGI Programming
Lesson 11: Shell Scripting Review
Lesson 12: Shell Scripting Review (continued)
Lesson 13: Demonstration of several shell commands (play the video from the lecture)
Lesson 14: Demonstration of ideas from two shell script lessons on the web (play the video from the lecture)
Review for the final test

Other useful web sites:
OpenOffice web site: free alternative business software
KDE web site: applications and user interfaces for Linux
Gnome web site: another user interface site for Linux
CompTIA Security+ page
Dept of Homeland Security, Cybersecurity page
US-CERT Cyber Security Tips
Krebs on Security

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