ITS 311: IT Communications


Week 1
  • Chapter 1: Writing project 5 on page 19. Write a short explanation of ethical problems in an example you provide.
  • Chapter 2: Exercises 3, 7, and 8 on pages 67 and 68.
  • Read the text through Chapter 4 for next week.

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6
  • Assignment 1. You must turn in a paper in week 8 with the following four parts:
    1. Pick a new technical device of some interest to you. It may be from magazines, web pages, or other technical sources. You will use it for this assignment.
    2. Research the device. Find out what you can about it and make notes about your sources to use in the paper you will write.
    3. Decide which of the following kinds of write-ups you can and cannot do for you chosen device. State in your paper whether you can or cannot do each one, and explain why:
      • a definition
      • a description
      • a set of user instructions
      • a process analysis
    4. Write a description for the device.
  • Assignment 2: Pick one of the five remaining chapters in the text (12, 14, 15, 17, or 19). Write a set of notes for it, like the ones I have made for the first eleven chapters. This assignment is to be turned in week 7. You may send it to me via e-mail as a Microsoft Word file.

Week 7
  • In class assignment
    • Research news items online tonight about BlackBerry devices.
    • Find an answer to the following question from your hypothetical boss: Can we use our BlackBerry devices Monday morning?
    • Write a one paragraph answer to the question, explaining your answer with information you find in your chosen news article.
    • Turn in a copy of the news article you use along with your one paragraph typed paper.
  • Formal assignment for the course
    • Examine this document for the requirements of a term paper. It need not be longer than one typed page.
    • Examine this document for the method that will be used to grade your term paper.
    • Turn in a typed paper that meets this set of requirements by the tenth week of class.


Week 8
  • Based on our discussion of the last chapters in the book, submit three review questions for a study guide for these chapters. Questions on the final exam may be based on these questions. The questions are to be submitted to my email address before the next class.