ITS 3250 - Securing Systems

Week 11: Current Events

This lesson explores news sources for technology information.


Where do you go when you want to know what's going on in technology?

Take a look at some of the sites mentioned by readers on Quora.
(Links are available on their page.)

News Aggregators

Etechexplorer - Technology and Android-
Techmeme - (aggregator with human editing)
Slashdot - (aggregator with human editing)
News Vally (rss feed aggregator)
YC Hacker News - (aggregator with voting)
Hacker News - (rss feed aggregator)
Tech News - Tech News - Trending Technology and Digital Marketing News

News Sources

Technowize -
Ars Technica -
CNET - ( -ZDNet: )
Digital Trends -
Engadget -
GigaOM -
Gizmodo -
Mashable -
ReadWrite -
The Next Web -
The Verge -
TechCrunch -
TechRadar - - strives to be CNN of tech
Valleywag -
Wired -
Techvoize - Trending Technology and Startup News -- Techvoize does not seem to have a definitive presense, but it appears on Twitter and Facebook.
CitizenTekk - Tech News Headlines and Startup Gadgets
Open Electronics news - Open Electronics

Lucas suggested these two sites:

Nick suggested a Reddit sub-site:

Ryan suggested

I've told you several times about Krebs on Security.

  • What do you look for in a tech news site or source?
  • What makes it good?
  • What makes it a loser that you never go back to?
  • If you don't have criteria like these about what you read, what do you have?



  • Explore at least three of the sites above that are live.
  • Rate them on reasonable criteria that you establish.
  • Write up a review as Paper 6 for this class.
  • Post some observations about your findings on the discussion board for this week, or use the discussion board to work out some reasonable rating criteria for use by the class.