ITS 3250 - Securing Systems

Week 15: What do you know?

This lesson explores tool suggestions from other students.


All through the term, I have asked the class for suggestions about tools and recommended techniques to be used in defense of a network. This week marks the last chance we have to discuss more of these.

  • What software, methods, tool sets, etc. do you recommend to people who are defending a network?
  • Why are you recommending this?
  • What is it/are they good for?
  • Where can I get a copy, download an install file, buy it or rent it? What are the platform requirements?
  • Are there web tools you recommend as well? Tools in the cloud? What are the addresses we can use to evaluate these tools?


Final Recommendations Assignment

  1. This week, I would like to have you tell the class, and me, about your recommendations for tools, as discussed above. If you do not have a recommendation, research for a bit, and formulate one. This project is worth a significant number of points, so don't waste time: find some goodies.
  2. Use the Module 15 Discussion Board to discuss your explorations, your findings, and your recommendations. This will be considered a draft of your final paper, so actually do it. Make an effort to do something unique. This project won't have much value if everyong chooses the same tool.
  3. Make an evaluation of the tool(s) based on the bullet points above.
  4. Turn in your evaluation and a polished version of your recommendation as Paper 8: Network Tools.