ITS 3250 - Securing Systems

Windows Server 2012 Security...
Week 6, Encryption

In this lesson, we are talking about Standard Operating Policy documents. Objectives important to this lesson:


    Item 12 in our discussion is about different kinds of encryption. I have added two PDFs to the attachments for this module: EncryptionProcedure.pdf and AccessingEncryptedEmailfromtheStateofMichiganV3.pdf. These are for the concept of encryption of data in motion. One uses Outlook to encrypt an outgoing message, the other describes how the receiver is meant to view the encrypted message. Here is another source descirbing the process:

    We will look at two promo videos in class about a data-at-rest solution, Microsoft's BitLocker. Here is a link to a TechNet document about it:


    Research this topic for current information. Is there a better solution than either of the practical solutions being used by the State of Michigan, one that would work better in either the same environment or another environment? Discuss your findings, provide references to your sources, and explain your opinion based on your findings and your knowledge.