ITS 3250 - Securing Systems

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Securing Routers

This lesson is about settings and best practices for securing routers, whether in the home or in the workplace.

Question 10

The tenth question in our list of items for this class is about routers and other network hardware.

"Getting into a router, a switch, other hardware, cover what is necessary for security (can we get hardware in the classroom for demonstration/experiments? Might be able to use packet tracer."

We don't have specific hardware for this area this term, so we can continue reading and looking for better information.

Looking for material for this discussion, I found the following promising sources:


Review the sources above, and write some observations and conclusions about them in this week's paper assignment.
In addition to that, provide at least two new links that you would recommend to the class about this subject. They should be new links, if possible, but quality is preferred over recency. State why you are recommending each of the links you provide.