ITS 3250 - Security Policies and Auditing

Review for Second Test

The following questions are provided to help you study for the second test. Do not expect to see these exact questions on the test.

  1. So, what did you learn from the Artillery exercise?

  2. Malwarebytes, recommended by Mr. McKinnon:

    A.) What is it good for?

    B.) What is the difference between its two major versions?

    C.) Who is not allowed to use one of its versions?

  3. According to Mr. Bauer, what is Snort good for?

  4. What was the deal with Equifax? Is there an actual answer for anyone affected?

  5. What is Tailored Access Operations? What agency are they part of? What is their mission?

  6. In Mr. Joyce's video presentation, he called the last phase of an intrusion "Collect, Exfil, and Exploit". What did he mean by this phrase?

  7. If you have not looked at these tech news sites lately, look at them now. Ars Technica, TechRadar, Slashdot. Which seem more likely to have news on tech issues, tech problems, and tech toys?

  8. Mr. Conley recommended Easy2Boot. What does it enable him to do with a USB stick? What are some features it has that make it desireable?

  9. Mr. Wolosonowich recommended the main AVG product, which was used successfully in his high school.

  10. Mr. Middleton recommended Wireshark, a frequently popular tool. How did he suggest you learn to use it?

  11. What did you contribute to the discussion board about recommended tools?