ITS 3250 - Securing Systems

Security Strategies Wherever We Can Find Some...
Lesson 11

This lesson introduces new topics, having despaired about the contents of texts. 


Where do you go when you want to know what's going on in technology?

Take a look at some of the sites mentioned by readers on Quora.
(Links are available on their page.)

News Aggregators

Etechexplorer - Technology and Android-
Techmeme - (aggregator with human editing)
Slashdot - (aggregator with human editing)
News Vally (rss feed aggregator)
YC Hacker News - (aggregator with voting)
Hacker News - (rss feed aggregator)
Tech News - Tech News - Trending Technology and Digital Marketing News

News Sources

Technowize -
Ars Technica -
CNET - ( -ZDNet: )
Digital Trends -
Engadget -
GigaOM -
Gizmodo -
Mashable -
ReadWrite -
The Next Web -
The Verge -
TechCrunch -
TechRadar - - strives to be CNN of tech
Valleywag -
Wired -
Techvoize - Trending Technology and Startup News - Techvoize does not seem to have a definitive presense, but it appears on Twitter and Facebook.
CitizenTekk - Tech News Headlines and Startup Gadgets
Open Electronics news - Open Electronics

Several students suggested sites:

I've told you several times about Krebs on Security.

  • What do you look for in a tech news site or source?
  • What makes it good?
  • What makes it a loser that you never go back to?
  • If you don't have criteria like these about what you read, what do you have?



  • Explore at least three of the sites above that are live.
  • Rate them on reasonable criteria that you establish. (And tell me what the criteria are!)
  • Write up a review as Paper 6 for this class.
  • Make some observations about your findings in the paper, don't just give ratings that don't help those who read your recommendations.