ITS 4350A - Incident Response and Disaster Recovery
(8 week format, online only)

ITS 4350A text

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Lesson 1: Chapter 1, An Overview of Information Security and Risk Management;
Chapter 2, Planning for Organizational Readiness
Lesson 2: Chapter 3, Contingency Strategies for IR/DR/BC
Lesson 3: Chapter 4, Incident Response: Planning; Chapter 5, Detection and Decision Making
Lesson 4: Chapter 6, Organizing and Preparing the CSIRT; Chapter 7, Incident Response: Response Strategies
Lesson 5: Chapter 8, Incident Response: Recovery and Maintenance
Lesson 6: Chapter 9, Disaster Recovery: Preparation and Implementation
Lesson 7: Chapter 10, Disaster Recovery; Chapter 11, Business Continuity
Lesson 8: Chapter 12, Crisis Management

There are no exams for this course, but these are the review guides you would have seen the last time we taught it.

Review for the midterm exam
Review for the final exam

Other useful web sites:
CompTIA Security+ page
Dept of Homeland Security, Cybersecurity page
US-CERT Cyber Security Tips
Krebs on Security
One Look - a great site for looking up any word
What Is...? - great for looking up technical terms
MalwareBytes - a fine product for scanning for obstinate viruses

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