ITS 4910 - Information Trends/Research and Design Project

Module 14

This lesson presents some background on week fourteen. Objectives important to this lesson:

  1. What is this week about?
  2. Current assignments


The assignment for this week says:

You have been working on the components required for your capstone project for ITS4910. In a minimum of three (3) paragraphs, reflect on your experience working on this IT project and touch on the following major components:

  • IT Infrastructure & Data Center Designs
  • Network Schematics
  • Security Policy Statement
  • Security, Education, Training and Awareness Plan
  • Security Procedures for Equipment/Tools
  • Risk Assessment
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Incident Response Plan
  • Disaster Recovery Plan

So, what have you learned, Dorothy?

What did you get out of doing the project? What would you do differently when you have to do this for real for a job? What else needs to be added to the list of objectives, something that was not required by the class, but should have been?



  1. Complete the assignment made in this module. There is only one version of this one.
  2. Review notes from previous classes.