ITS 4910 - Information Trends/Research and Design Project

Module 2

This lesson presents some background on the second week. Objectives important to this lesson:

  1. What is this week about?
  2. Current assignments


This week you are assigned to create network diagrams for your employer/client in the term project. To do this, we may have discussed the idea of using Lucidchart, which is available to you through your Baker email account. Open your email, then click the "waffle" or applications icon. Scroll down to find the one for Lucidchart, which looks like the image shown on the right. (You can click the image on the right to explore the Lucidchart website.)

Lucidchart has a page dedicated to examples and templates for various network diagrams that can be made easily with its product.

Before you start, you should be aware that any diagram is meant to be a simplified version of the actual world, but the details should be stated where they are needed. A few computer icons may stand for any number of actual computers. If so, a line of text below that part of the diagram should say so. A firewall is typically shown on a diagram as a brick wall, but you can specify what kind you are using in a comment on the diagram. When you are using Cisco equipment, you may want to use specific icons for their products, but you should still document what they are supposed to be. A specific device may have its own icon, but it may not, and no one knows them all. Being clear is better.

There is a rubric specific to this assignment. It is shown on the assignment page in Canvas.

In the image above, I am showing you the top three grading elements for the assignment. They correspond to an A, a B, and a C response. Use this as a reference for your work. Before submitting your work, make sure you have done your best.


  1. Complete the assignment and class discussion made in this module.
  2. Review notes from previous classes related to the topics in the bulleted list above.