ITS 4910 - Information Trends/Research and Design Project

Module 4

This lesson presents some background on the fourth week. Objectives important to this lesson:

  1. What is this week about?
  2. Current assignments


This week your assignment says:

Develop a Security, Education, Training, and Awareness (SETA) plan for the IT department support personnel. Your SETA plan will have three sections (one for the Education, Training and Awareness programs). At a minimum, include a description of the program, the intended personnel targeted for the program, implementation plans, schedule for training, and methods for delivering the programs.

This training plan is for your technical staff, not the general staff employed by the company. This training includes the use and maintenance of the entire technology plan for your enterprise. Not everyone will get the same training, in the same way that not everyone will have the same duties. Make a plan that will be reviewed and changed as your technology changes.

There is a rubric specific to this assignment. It is shown on the assignment page in Canvas.

In the image above, I am showing you the top three grading elements for the assignment. They correspond to an A, a B, and a C response. Use this as a reference for your work. Before submitting your work, make sure you have done your best.


  1. Complete the assignment and class discussion made in this module.
  2. Review notes from previous classes related to the topics in the bulleted list above.