ITS 4910 - Information Trends/Research and Design Project

Module 9

This lesson presents some background on the ninth week. Objectives important to this lesson:

  1. What is this week about?
  2. Current assignments


The assignment from the last class was to create a draft Business Impact Analysis and submit it. This week, the assignment is to expand that document in two areas.

  1. If you only completed the first column of the BIA template for your draft, you need to complete the remaining three columns of that document. What are the impacts of each threat actually happening? What are the controls in place at this time? What is the risk rating for each of those lines?
  2. For each line that presents a High Risk (hint: there need to be some in your submission), write a paragraph explaining what you would do to reduce that risk, and why your proposal would be effective.

As the assignment tells you, this kind of analysis is done to determine what threats present the most danger to your organization, and what you can do about them. Your ideas will be compared to those of other analysts if you are in a large organization, but your opinion may be the only one in a small organization. You need to make your proposals clear and you need to explain why they are worth doing.


  1. Complete the assignment made in this module, including all features that need to be added to your draft version.
  2. Review notes from previous classes.