NET 102 - Networking Essentials II



Lesson 1: Chapter 1, CompTIA Network+ in a Nutshell; Chapter 2, Network Models
Lesson 2: Chapter 4, Ethernet Basics; Chapter 5, Modern Ethernet
Lesson 3: Chapter 3, Cabling and Topology; Chapter 6, Installing a Physical Network
Review for first test
Lesson 4: Chapter 7, TCP/IP Basics (material about IP addresses and subnets)
Lesson 5: Chapter 8, The Wonderful World of Routing
Lesson 6: Chapter 9, TCP/IP Applications; Chapter 10, Network Naming
Review for second test
Lessons 7 and 8: Chapter 14, Remote Connectivity; Chapter 15, Wireless Networking; Chapter 20, Network Troubleshooting
Lesson 9: Chapter 16, Protecting Your Network; Chapter 17, Virtualization; Chapter 18, Network Management
Review for third test

Other useful web sites: study guide for Network+
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One Look - a great site for looking up any word
What Is...? - great for looking up technical terms
Marshall Brain's How Stuff Works - great articles on technology
SQLcourse - lessons and practice with SQL

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