NET 121- Essentials of Networking

Questions for Chapters 11 and 12
  1. What is a hosts file for?

  2. How do you put a documentation line in a hosts file?

  3. What would be in the first column of a data line in a hosts file?

    What would be in the second column?

    Must there be a third?

  4. How is an lmhosts file different from a hosts file?

  5. What is the name of the folder that a hosts file is usually found in?

  6. What does a DNS server do?

  7. What is a DNS resolver?

  8. Explain what a top-level DNS domain is, using two examples.

  9. How long can a domain name be?

    How long can any label in it be?

  10. What is WINS?

    Does WINS do the same thing as DNS?

  11. What is a firewall for in a network?

  12. What decisions does a packet filtering firewall make?

    What aspect of the packet might the firewall look at to make its decision?

  13. What would make a server "dual-homed"?

  14. What makes a server "fortified"?

  15. Why do some network addressing schemes require you to use Network Address Translation?

  16. If a proxy server is providing NAT service, how many IP addresses should it have?