NET 121b: Essentials of Networking

Assignment 6: questions for Chapter 16
  1. What is directory services?

  2. What is the simplest form of a Windows network?

    How many users does Microsoft recommend as a limit to this kind of network?

  3. What file is used for security and authorization in a workgroup?

    How many copies of this file would there be in a workgroup?

  4. What is a Windows domain?

  5. What is a server called that holds a copy of a domain's Active Directory?

  6. What is the difference between a domain controller and a member server?

  7. What role can Windows NT servers play in a Windows 2000 domain?

  8. What must users do to gain access to resources granted to their domain accounts?

  9. What does the text mean when is says that Active Directory has multi-master replication?

    What is the difference between a master and a replica in this example?

  10. What naming scheme is used for objects in Active Directory?

    Give an example of what a distinguished name looks like.

  11. What is a schema?

  12. What is a tree?

    How might it be different from a forest?

  13. What four characteristics does Microsoft say must exist for domains to be in the same tree?

  14. What common network protocol is used by users to access information in Active Directory?

  15. What kind of containers exist in Microsoft domains?

    What kind of containers exist in Novell trees?

  16. What is a NetWare bindery?

    How is it different from eDirectory?