NET 121- Essentials of Networking

Questions for Chapters 17 and 20
  1. What are two software interfaces that can be used to set up a shared network folder?

  2. What can you do to hide a network share from users browsing for them?

  3. What are the two kinds of groups you can create in Active Directory?

  4. What are the three Account Policy Nodes discussed in the text?

  5. How can you configure a password policy so that users are not required to use a password?

  6. How can you configure an account lockout policy so that locked accounts unlock automatically in one hour? How can you configure it so that locked accounts never automatically unlock?

  7. What is the Active Directory definition of a "print device"? What is its definition of a "printer"?

  8. What is happening when a print job is being rendered?

  9. What file system (FAT type) are you probably forced to use if your user has a DOS based computer?

  10. What file space issue is related to the three file systems (FAT types) described in the text? Compare the three file systems in terms of their most wasteful scenarios.

  11. What are the possible file system permissions available under NTFS?

  12. What is fault tolerance?

  13. What is one definition of RAID?

  14. How is mirroring like duplexing?

    How are they different?

  15. What are the four classic backup strategies?

    Which takes the most time on a daily basis to make the backup?

    Which takes the most time to conduct a restoration late in your backup cycle?

  16. Compare the three kinds of alternate work locations: cold, warm, and hot.