NET 121b: Essentials of Networking

Chapter 1: Overview of the Internet
Chapter 2: Introduction to Networking
Handout on ISO-OSI Model Layers
Chapter 3: Networking Protocols
Chapter 4: Network Devices
Review Guide for First Test
Chapter 5: Connecting Your Network
Chapter 6: TCP/IP Architecture
Chapter 7: Internet Addressing
Chapter 8: Routing
Chapter 9: TCP/IP Utilities
Chapter 10: Internetworking Servers
Chapter 11: Name Resolution
Review Guide for Second Test
Chapter 12: Address and Parameter Allocation for TCP/IP
Chapter 19: Maintaining Your Network
Chapter 13: Remote Connectivity
Chapter 14: User Management
Chapter 15: Network Printing
Chapter 16: Data Protection
Chapter 17: Network Security Essentials
Chapter 18: Enterprise Network Security - Encryption and Firewalls
Chapter 20: Troubleshooting the Network and Diagnostic Tools
Review Guide for Final Test

Tech Web Encyclopedia
One Look - a great site for looking up any word
What Is...? - great for looking up technical terms
Marshall Brain's How Stuff Works - great articles on technology


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