CS 331 HTML Programming


Week 1

  • Reading Assignment: Chapter 1, Chapter 2

Week 2

  • Reading Assignment: Chapter 3, Chapter 4

Week 3

  • Reading Assignment: Chapter 5, Chapter 6
  • Practice the new tags from Chapter 5.

Week 4

  • Quiz on Chapters 1 - 5
  • Reading Assignment: Chapter 7, Chapter 8
  • Assignment: Create a page using colors, as described in Chapter 7.
    1. Practice combinations of colors.
    2. Use color commands to set the TEXT, LINK and VLINK colors different from the defaults.
    3. Use the FONT tag to change the color of a few words.
    4. Form an opinion about colors that go well together and colors that do not go well to together.
    5. Use <img> tags and images from your CD to place images in your web page.
    6. Put all necessary files on your floppy disk and present it to me in class for grading.

Week 5

  • Reading Assignment: Chapter 9, Chapter 10
  • Assignment: create a web page demonstrating an embedded style sheet, and inline styles. Use the style discussions in Chapter 10 to guide you in this. Create the web page on your floppy disk. Present it to your instructor in class for grading.

Week 6

  • Quiz on Chapters 6 - 10
  • Reading Assignment: Chapter 11
  • Assignment: Review some web pages. You may reveiw the faculty pages we have discussed on the Baker web site, or you may find some pages on the Internet to review. Discuss what is good and bad about them, and what you would do to fix problems with them.

Week 7

  • Reading Assignment: Chapter 12
  • Assignment: Create a web page using tables, and the features explained in the chapter. Place text and images in the tables, change the background color of various cells (or columns or rows) so that the tables display several colors. Incorporate tables into your ongoing site design, if it is logical to do so.

Week 8

  • Reading Assignment: continue Chapter 12
  • Assignment: Creating a web site is like publishing a book. It will not be successful unless you have something to say. The project is to create a small site on your floppy disk, dealing with a topic you are interested in. First, pick a topic, then plan the site. Determine what you need or want in terms of the chapters so far, and build some pages. Your site must have at least three pages in it, and must display techniques covered in this class.