CS 332a Advanced HTML Programming


  • Complete at least four of the tutorial lessons from Dr. Burns' web site about JavaScript. Show your work to the instructor for grading.
  • Complete a new web page demonstrating the use of Cascading Style Sheets
  • Determine a method to cause page breaks when printing web pages. Research the Internet to find a Style Sheet based solution. Present your solution to the instructor, along with a reference to your source (where did you find the answer?) for grading.
  • Complete a project for the term utilizing both JavaScript and Style Sheets. Consult the instructor for approval of the project. Present the project in class to complete this assignment. Presentation must cover the use of JavaScript and Style Sheets in your project.
  • In class, you were given an assignment to combine ideas that would result in a style rule for drop caps. If you have not done so, show this to me at the beginning of class before the final quiz.
  • On the review guide for the final quiz, I have suggested some research to be done on the web. You should do this, and be ready to do similar research for problems on the final quiz.