CAP 101 - Concept & Character Development

Adobe Software



In the the CAP program, we use several Adobe Creative Suite products. They are installed in the classroom, and versions will vary from year to year.

Some students have asked about buying their own copies of this software. Baker has a discount plan to buy Adobe software through Computer Discount Warehouse (CDW). However, be advised that Adobe markets several versions of Creative Suite (CS), each of which has a different selection of software in it. Follow this link to the Adobe site for a description of what is in each version of CS.


CAP class Adobe Software Used
CAP 101 Flash
CAP 151 After Effects
CAP 271 Encore
various classes Photoshop

The choice of which CS version to get depends on what other classes you will take, and what other interests you have. For me, as a CAP instructor, the best mix is the CS4 Production Premium version. The Master collection also has the products listed above, but it costs a great deal more.

To see prices on CS4 versions at CDW:

  1. Follow this link to CDW for Baker staff and students. (To purchase under this program, you will have to prove to CDW that you are either a Baker student, or Baker staff.)
  2. Click the Adobe CLP - Student link.
  3. Click either Windows or Mac.
  4. Browse through the various software packages available. If you are not sure what applies to you, ask in class. We can go over choices together.