CAP 101 - Concept & Character Development

Lesson 1: Creating from a Script - Chapters 1 and 2 in Creating Characters, Chapter 2 in Flash Animation
Handout on Assignment 2
Handout buying Adobe software
Lesson 2: Creating Appealing Characters - Chapters 3 and 4 in Creating Characters
Review for first test
Lesson 3: Using Perspective, Drawing Humans, and Drawing Creatures - Chapters 5 and 7 in Creating Characters
Lesson 4: Hairstyle, Clothing, and Anatomy - Chapters 4, 7, and 8 in Creating Characters, Chapter 5 in Flash Animation
Lesson 5: Aging Characters and Assembling a Cast - Chapters 6 and 8 in Creating Characters
Review for second test
Lesson 6: Acting with a Pencil and Intro to Flash - Chapters 5 and 6 in Flash Animation
Lesson 7: Inking, Scanning, and Tablets - Chapter 7 in Flash Animation
Lesson 8: Managing Symbols and Scenes - Chapter 8 in Flash Animation
Lesson 9: Libraries and Pixar Requirements - Chapter 9 in Flash Animation and a statement from Pixar
Review for third test

Other useful web sites:
Downloads for Flash Animation text
Drawing lessons from Brenda Hoddinott, author of Drawing for Dummies
Cartoonster - introduction to animation terms
Light - an interesting tutorial by a digital artist
Free Flash Tutorial
Kirupa Flash Tutorials - several lessons will be referenced in class
Importing Graphics Into Flash
Importing GIF Graphics Into CS4 Flash
Adobe TV Lessons on Flash in CS4


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