CAP 201a - Computer Animation I

Lab 4 - 11 Seconds


The class will access the 11 Second Club web site for information, inspiration and assignments. Objectives important to this lesson:

  1. Find the 11 Second Club web site
  2. Review current competition, old competitions
  3. Discuss the value of professional critique
  4. Assignment: create a storyboard for a sound track

The 11 Second Club has a web site that provides animators with a new competition each month. The people running the competition pick an eleven second sound byte, usually from a movie, that the contestants must use as the basis for an original animation. This has a great deal of educational potential, and no doubt, that helps them avoid copyright hassles.

In class, we will look at some previous competitions, winners and losers, and discuss what we see. The winners are usually good work, although you may prefer some of the other competitors over the one chosen as the winner in any month.

The winner of the monthly competition has their work critiqued by a professional animator whose observations can show us things that a beginner would not be expected to see. Once a problem is seen, it becomes more evident what to do about it, and that is one of the goals for us for this web site. View the videos to enjoy the work of others, but view the critiques to get an idea that can make your own work better. It is always easier to hear painful things about someone else's work, so these critiques can show you what a professional might notice without the pain of hearing it about your own work. Until you submit your work to the club, that is.

In the spirit of the 11 Second Club, an assignment for this week will be to listen to the current sound byte, then create and hand in a storyboard for what you would like to do in a submission for this contest. Do not hold yourself back by picking only what you currently know how to do in animation.

  • The storyboard must be original. A storyboard that is based on the actual movie the sound clip is from will not be acceptable.
  • The competitions are meant to emphasize animated acting. Show multiple frames for every second that needs it to display what you want your characters to do.
  • Stay within the rules for the competition that are found in the FAQ section of their web site: no additional sound effects, no changing the sound clip.
  • Longer animation is allowed, but the additional frames would be silent if you are meeting their rules.

Note: on 11/8/2012, I noticed that the lab computers do not currently have QuickTime installed. This will prevent your playing any of the videos or lessons on the 11 Second Club site, since that is the only format they use. I have requested that this be corrected.

To expand on the work we did this week with the Material Editor, follow this link to an Autodesk tutorial on Controlling a Texture with Unwrap UVW. This lesson:

  • walks you through a quick exposure to the Slate mode of the Material Editor
  • shows how to apply the Unwrap UVW modifier
  • has you use the Edit UVWs several times to apply parts of a Texture Atlas page to specific polygons on a model

The lesson is in several web pages. You will need the files for this tutorial. If you have not downloaded them yet, I have put a zipped copy of them on the BlackBoard site for this class. You can also download them from Autodesk.

Your second assignment for tonight is to work through that tutorial, and show me your work. You should also look at the work of other students. The assignment of the textures to the polygons will and should vary from one person to the next.