CAP 211 - Interactive Design and Game Development

Quick Start Lesson
Chapter 42: part 1, Creating and Animating Bipeds
Chapter 39: Rigging and Working with Bones
Chapter 40: Adding Inverse Kinematics
Chapter 41: Skinning Characters
Review for first test
Chapter 34: Motion Mixer
Chapter 42: part 2, Crowds and Delegates
Chapter 36: Space Warps
Chapter 37: Simulating Physics-Based Motion with reactor
Review for second test
Chapter 43: Learning Rendering Basics
Chapter 44: Using Atmospheric and Render Effects, part 1
Chapter 44: Using Atmospheric and Render Effects, part 2
Chapter 45: Raytracing and mental ray

Other useful web sites: - Quick reference to Hotkeys - Starship tutorial - articles, tutorials - articles, tutorials - articles, tutorials
Youtube demo of 3ds Max Reactor Physics
Wikipedia list of movies made with 3DS Max

High End 3D Careers web site
High End 3D Software forums


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