CAP 211 - Interactive Design and Game Development

Review for First Test

The following questions are provided to help you study for the first test. Do not expect to see these exact questions on the test.

  1. What are the four possible types of biped skelton?

  2. How do you save a biped figure as a .fig file?

  3. How do you save a biped animation as a .bip file?

  4. On which panel do you make modifications to a biped?

  5. What is the purpose of footstep mode?

  6. What is the purpose of move all mode?

  7. What must be done to see the Key Info rollout for biped animation?

  8. Regarding character animation, what is rigging?

  9. According to the text, in what order do the following events usually occur? bones rigged, character animated, mesh created, mesh skinnned

  10. Why might you set fins on a bone in a bone hierarchy?

  11. How do you adjust the size of a bone without affecting its hierarchical children? How do you do it if you want to affect those children?

  12. What is an end bone? Why is it needed?

  13. What button is used to put a new joint in a bone?

  14. Which kind of kinematics predicts how a child moves?

  15. Which kind of kinematics predicts how a parent moves?

  16. How is a terminator different from an end bone?

  17. What setting keeps a joint from rotating on a specific axis?

  18. What are the two named IK methods?

  19. What are the four named IK solvers?

  20. Compare the purpose of the Skin modifier to the purpose of the Skin Morph modifier.

  21. Assume you have selected a biped's right thigh and shin bones. What happens if you click the symmetrical button?

  22. What is a bone envelope? Why would you need to size it?

  23. Envelopes come in pairs, inner and outer. Which kind of envelope properties gives the most authority to the outer envelope?