CIS 1110A - Computer Operating Systems and Maintenance

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Lesson 1: Chapter 1: Taking a Computer Apart and Putting It Back Together
Lesson 2: Chapter 2: All About Motherboards
Lesson 3: Chapter 3: Supporting Processors and Upgrading Memory
Lesson 4: Chapter 4: Supporting the Power System and Troubleshooting Computers
Lesson 5: Chapter 5: Supporting Hard Drives and Other Storage Devices
Lesson 6: Chapter 6: Supporting I/O Devices
Lesson 7: Chapter 7: Setting up a Local Network
Lesson 8: Chapter 8: Network Infrastructure and Troubleshooting
Lesson 9: Chapter 9: Supporting Mobile Devices
Review for the first 8 weeks
Lesson 10: Chapter 10: Virtualization, Cloud Computing, and Printers
Lesson 11: Chapter 11: Windows Versions and Customer Service
Lesson 12: Chapter 12: Installing Windows; Chapter 13: Maintaining Windows
Lesson 13: Chapter 14: Troubleshooting Windows after Startup; Chapter 15: Troubleshooting Windows Startup
Lesson 14: Chapter 16: Securing and Sharing Windows Resources; Chapter 17: Security Strategies and Documentation
Lesson 15: Chapter 18: macOS, Linux, and Scripting
Review for the second 8 weeks

Other useful web sites:
CompTIA Security+ page
Dept of Homeland Security, Cybersecurity page
US-CERT Cyber Security Tips
Krebs on Security

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